Garmin Overlander

May 30, 2019

Finally! Start saving your pennies for the $800 price tag.

Download TMAT GPS files “How To” video

April 17, 2012

Seems like I am on a kick posting all these videos lately, but at least this is one I created myself.  I do get contacted frequently with questions on how to download the TMAT GPS files.  So here is a quick video showing you how to do that as well as a couple other features of the website riders use to host the GPS files. Hope it is helpful.

State OHV Maps now available on Android Phones

January 20, 2012

As you may know the website holds all the GPS data for the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail.  It is a great site and also has a Android app that goes with it that allows you to use your Android phone as a GPS.  I mount my phone to my handlebars and it works wonderfully!  No need to spend $500 on the latest Garmin!

Well, today it gets even better. has a new feature that allows you to take a existing paper or electronic map and load it into their website so that it can be overlayed onto their map data.  Sound confusing?  All you need to know is that now you can access Minnesota DNR OHV maps in two new ways:

1. By going to, creating an account, and then clicking on the Map Overlays link.  You will see 2 overlays in Minnesota.  Click on them and they will show Nemadji and Chengwatana MN DNR maps inserted into the site.

2. You can also view the MN DNR OHV maps usign the DualSportMaps Android application.

Why is this great?  There is now no need to have a printed MN DNR map in one hand and your gps in another while navigating down the trail.  Now both can be displayed at the same time on your Android Phone (I still recommend carrying paper maps as a backup in case your phone/gps fails).  Also, when planning a trip there is no need to have one web browser open to the DNR website and another window open to the website.    This is just one more way technology is making this sport much more interesting.

I have uploaded the Chengwatana and Nemadji state maps to the site.  I hope to upload the rest of the state OHV maps soon.

Ride safe!


Join Spot and GearJunkie on a Treasure Hunt in Minnesota!

August 8, 2011

Spot LLC (that cool company that make the little GPS tracking devices) and GearJunkie blog (started by a local Minnesotan) invite you to join them on a treasure hunt across the country.  you will find two hidden locations in Minnesota (one near Minneapolis and one near the North Shore/BWCA.  Ride to the location, check in with your Spot device and you get a chance to win free gear. Cool!  Spot page for more info is here.

Blog link back.

Google and gps maps are updated

September 7, 2010

All the maps were updated this morning to fix a couple discrepancies, and to also include seven bridges road in Duluth. This is such a pretty route near Duluth I had to include it even if it costs you some time getting further North.

TMAT tracks 7 and 8 updated

August 4, 2010

RallyHound from provided some great feedback on the Duluth to Ely segment of the trail.  The feedback gets rid of paved Hwy4 heading north out of Duluth and instead heads northeast from Duluth touching lake Superior then zig zaging north to Brimson on mostly dirt roads and finally joining the old route.  Besides getting rid of some boring pavement,  the change also uses a twisty segment of Hwy 1 south of Ely and brings back Skyline Drive in Duluth.  Overall, the change brings in about 20 more miles of trail but makes this section of the trip much more interesting.  Google map, GPX, GBD, and Turn-by-Turn directions are all updated.

New GPS maps in Garmin format now available

July 23, 2010

Garmin Database format (.gdb) tracks are now available for the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail, Nemadji, and Saint Croix trails.

TMAT GPX file v.1.2 available

July 22, 2010

This version simplifies a couple routes, fixes a couple of backtrack errors, and adds back in the waypoints missing in the previous version

Complete TMAT GPX file now available

July 21, 2010

Fire up your GPS’s!  The whole Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail is now mapped in a GPX file.  The file includes some important waypoints as well.  There is no reason to wait.  Plan your trip today!  There are 10 tracks in total and just over 650 miles of Roads and Trails.  See the Maps page for more info.

Tracks 9 and 10 posted

July 20, 2010

GPX Tracks of the last two sections of the trail are posted on the Maps page.