Reminder: MARs meeting tonight

July 28, 2011

Just a reminder, we have our monthly call tonight (Thursday) at 9PM for all who are interested in discussing current moto-related activities in Minnesota.  Loose agenda for tonight is:
1. Update on membership with AMA District 23
2. Update on membership with MARs
3. Update on TMAT trail changes
4. TMAT on Android
5. Ride reports, current events, etc.
6. Other?

See the Events page for call information:

TMAT now on Android

July 26, 2011

Thanks to ADV member “CraftyCoder” you can now download the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail route and associated maps directly to your Android Phone and use the Phone’s GPS capability to guide you along the trail.  See this discussion thread for more info:

This is really a great option for people who do not want to buy a dedicated GPS unit or futz around with transferring GPX files to your PC and then your GPS.

Brainer Lakes ride planned for September 16th.

July 25, 2011

“Toadl” is planning a group ride in September. See the MinneADV calendar for more info.

Flat Track Racing School

July 22, 2011

August 28th is the next Flat Track racing school event put on by Those who have attended speak highly of the valuable skills learned and how translatable they are to dual-sport riding. Follow this link for more info.

Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act

July 22, 2011

Well its seems that wherever you look these days there is political news in the headlines.  Here is one more issue on Capital Hill for you to watch. I won’t sway you one way or the other on the issue but instead I am just posting their ( letter in this blog so you can be aware of the issue and take action if you see fit.  Having access to federal lands should be of concern to all riders in the U.S..  Feel free to sound off in the comments.


Dear Keith,

More Great News for all of us who care about access to public lands, helping our economy, jobs and improving forest health.

The HR1581 ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011” bill to release 43 million acres of your public lands back to Multiple Use and eliminate the threat of Wilderness Closures is moving quickly forward. On 7/26/11 the House Subcommittee on Natural Resources will hold a hearing on this important bill. I am pleased to have been invited to provide testimony explaining why passage of this bill is needed.

You can watch the hearing and my testimony live at 10 am Eastern Standard Time on 7/26/11 at

This is a rare bill that is good for recreation, good for the economy and good for the environment. I think every reasonable person would support it, but there are those who will oppose it because they want to lock you off your public lands no matter what. For example I just heard the Sierra Club is holding a press conference tomorrow in front of Congressman McCarthy’s Bakersfield CA office attempting to claim this bill is bad for children and the Great Outdoors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Keith In just Two Minutes you can do something important to stop the closure activists and preserve access to your public lands
1) Call to Ask if your Congressman Supports this Important Bill (even if you called them before)In order to get this important bill passed your Congressman needs to hear from you, so he/she will know that you want them to support it. This will only takes a few minutes, they will be happy to hear from you and you will feel good about doing your part and taking back your government.

Call them and ask them to
Support HR1581 “Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011”

If you need to find out who your Congressman is then just click here and insert your zip code and then click on the Contact link to get their phone number.

If your Congressman is supporting the bill please thank them for their support and tell them how much you appreciate it.

If you have not already done so please send a letter2) Take TWO MINUTES to Send a Letter Telling Congress to Pass HR1581 ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011”

Just click on the link and send your letter

3) Click on link at the bottom of this page to Forward To Your FriendsIt does not get any easier than this to help reclaim your public lands for reasonable access and management. We need to make lots of noise in support of HR1581. Please tell all your friends and family to call and send a letter

For more information you can read the HR1581 bill here

Here is additional Background Information

Save The Trails have been working with Congressman McCarthy to develop this legislation over the past year and now we are making a trip to DC to testify, as well as providing you with an easy and effective way to make this bill a reality. Save The Trails is funded purely by donations from people like you. We need your support so that we can keep fighting to keep your public lands open. Please make a Donation to help pay for the trip to DC so we can Save Your Trails

~Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trail

Some humor for a Tuesday…

July 12, 2011

TMAT Central route updated

July 8, 2011

Just an FYI,

Back on the 4th of this month the TMAT Central was updated due to feedback from “Get Bent” that there was a bit too much pavement on the section west of the metro. So jump over to the TMAT page and download the latest GPX file to stay current.

We are still looking for riders to verify the northern most section of the proposed TMAT Central and also looking for feedback on the proposed Gunflint Loop.  So hopefully that gives some riders a reason to get out and explore this month!