St. Croix and Chengwatana trails damaged by storms

Here is a recent ride report from “Michael R” over on the Twin Cities DS yahoo group:

I took my wife and 2 granddaughters to Chengwatana on Sunday, July after the storm that came through on 7/1.

Pretty much everything at Chengwatana is marked as closed for repairs, but they didn’t just put the signs up after the storm. The W. Munger section is open, the main trail to the north, and one side trail into the swamp from the main road. That’s it! I guess Carlton County gets the next round of permit money. The Munger section was impassable due to blowdowns from the storm. We were able to ride the main trail north all the way to the end where it is marked for snowmobiles only. There were a few blockages that had been ridden around through the adjoining fields, but it was pretty much passable the whole way.

Paul Streeter picked me up on Monday, and we went to St. Croix SF. What a mess. We didn’t get more than 100 yards down any trail before coming upon something we just couldn’t get around, over, under, or through. We finally decided to ride to Rock Lake to see the damage, but once again we couldn’t make it. Tamarack Forest Road is open to the ‘T’ that splits to Rock Lake and the horse camp. The road to the horse camp is blocked, and once again, down the road to Rock Lake we came upon about 50 solid yards of 6-8″ birch blowdowns. Time to get a chainsaw rack for the WR.

The government didn’t close the trails, but the storm sure did

Sounds bad Please plan ahead if you are heading to that area.
Anyone for organizing a trail clean up crew?

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