Reminder: MARs meeting tonight

Just a reminder, we have our monthly call tonight at 9PM for all who are interested in discussing current moto-related activities in Minnesota.  Loose agenda for tonight is:

1. Matthew Lourey State Trail update
2. Update on membership with AMA District 23
3. Update on membership with MARs
4. Update on TMAT trail changes
5. Ride reports, current events, etc.
6. Other?

See the Events page for call information:

One Response to Reminder: MARs meeting tonight

  1. Larry Killien says:

    Sorry I missed it but I was messing with stuff related to the shutdown. Currently unemployed, and providing camping for 2 trailers at my cabin since the state park shutdown and they along with thoudsands of others were forced out due to the shut down. Tax the rich!!! Build and support trails for the rest of us poor folks… CUDA

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