International Motorcycle Show starts Friday in Minneapolis

January 31, 2011
This is a great way to break out of your cabin fever and see the latest products on the market. KTM and BMW appear to be no-shows though. Hmmmm…maybe next year? 1 day tickets are $15, but when you buy online you can opt to purchase a $15 gift certificate and get a ticket free!

Map hosting location changed

January 5, 2011

All maps have now moved to be hosted at  Links are still on the Maps page.  This is an awesome site to use when planning your next adventure in Minnesota or anywhere else.  The new location allows a greater level of detail to be described compared to Google Maps alone, or in plain GPX files.  Create an account on the site to download the GPX files.

Stay warm this week!

Trout Valley and Snake Creek OHM Trail GPX files added.

January 2, 2011

The Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail goes right by 2 state OHM trails in the southern part of the state. The Maps page now has GPX files of those areas available for you to download. These two areas are small, but if you have never ridden them before the GPX files are nice for navigating.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly

January 1, 2011

CoverIn case you didn’t know.  Minnesota has its own newspaper dedicated to motorcycle riding. You can pick it up at various local  dealers and stores.  See their website for the currect issue as well as to find a local distributor:
Its often a good read and a great way to keep up on local events.