California bans motorcycle phone GPS maps

April 10, 2013

Do you use a dedicated GPS unit on your bike or a Smart Phone?  If you live in California you no longer have a choice.  A judge has ruled that operating a phone based GPS on your motorcycle is too dangerous.  Well thank you Mr. Nanny State!  Now this is all based on California’s existing law banning the operation of a cell phone while driving.  So I am assuming that operating a standalone GPS is still ok.  Which of course makes no sense at all.
I am all for safe motorcycling and understand that anytime you take your hands off the bars you are increasing risk, but this is just another example of America’s legal system lacking common sense.  I love my “Dual Sport Maps” app on my Android and I also know many you love “Motion X” on their iPhone.  Will this sort of ruling ban the use of these apps here in Minnesota sometime?

Only time will tell. End of rant.

New MinneADV site to organize rides and meet fellow Minnesota ADV’ers

April 9, 2013

Today we launched a new website:

The purpose of this site is to give the riding community a place to:

  • Post and Organize Group Rides (no more emailing me, whoopee!  Post it yourself)
  • Meet fellow riders
  • Post photos
  • Create Discussions

The website uses the engine to run things.  So hop on over to the new site, sign up, and RSVP for an event, or create your own.  I will no longer be maintaining an event lists here on this blog, but instead will link to  Feel free to send in feedback on how you like the site.

One tip for everyone; The site sets your email preferences to be very invasive.  You will probably want to setup your profile to remove some of the spam emails from

Thanks, and don’t let the snowstorm this week depress you.

Canadian attempts cross country trip on KLR in winter

April 7, 2013

This guy really has some guts. Can’t wait to watch Part 2. Even if you aren’t a KLR rider, you should watch this. Living in the frozen north we understand the perils of winter riding, but this guy embraced them. Can’t give him enough props.

Successful Swap!

April 6, 2013

Thanks to all who attended the inaugural MinneADV swap meet today.  The weather was a bit disheartening this morning, but that didn’t stop a very good crowd from turning out.  See photos below. In fact, by 9AM the rain and wind died down right on cue.  It was great weather!

We had a good balance of buyers and sellers. We also had a good mix of different parts and gear.  I would say at the busiest hour (between 9-10AM) there were probably 50 people.  We ran out of space in the pavilion and a few people just backed their vehicles up to the side walk and sold from there.  There were a lot of new riders that I hadn’t met before and new stories to share. I think I talked with just about every seller and they were all glad they came.  Most were just happy to clean out their garages and see their stuff go to a good home.

Some suggested we do this again in the Fall.  I’ll have to think about that.  But we will definitely do it again next Spring!

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MinneADV Swap Meet ONE DAY away!

April 5, 2013

Winter may be hanging on, but its time to get ready to ride!  And what does that mean?  You need new gear!!
Join us for our inaugural Minne-ADV swap meet tomorrow, Saturday the 6th (rain or shine) from 9am until Noon. The pavilion at the park is big and will protect us from any sporadic rain showers and there is also a central large fire place that we will have stoked.  This will be a great time to buy and sell, but also to meetup before the riding season “officially” begins.  Join us!

Crosby Farm Park pavilion
2595 Crosby Farm Rd.
Saint Paul, MN 55116

Google Map

This is centrally located just off Interstate 35E and Shepard Road.  It is the west entrance to the park. Go a mile west of 35E on Shepard. The sign on Shepard Rd. is for a marina. That is Crosby Farm Rd. The entrance is about 200 ft east of Hw5/7th st..

Pre-Sale List of items available for swap (NO sales until 9AM Saturday!):

  • AFX FX-37 Helmet, Black, XL
  • AFX FX-39 Helmet, Hi-Viz Yellow XL, custom neck skirt added
  • Zeus open face helmet XL
  • Magellan Triton GPS with handlebar mount & 12V hookup
  • Waterproof cell/gps holder and handlebar mount
  • RAM cell phone mount
  • Spitfire bolt on windshield
  • Misc DR650 takeoff parts
  • used soft bag panniers
  • TMAT Stickers
  • Misc Moto Magazines
  • Scala Rider Q2  multi set Bluetooth headset PAIR
  • Zumo GPS ram mount and power cable
  • Garmin GPS III with ram mount
  • NEP cruise control (new)
  • Sena SM10 dual stream Bluetooth stereo transmitter (new)
  • Sena SM10 helment headset clamp kit (new)
  • HJC cl-max medium (new)
  • Sixsixone core cooler
  • Sidi Onroad goretex boots size 44
  • Knox zero gloves large
  • Wolfman enduro tank bag
  • Forcefield chest protector large
  • TW-302 120/80 18″ rear tire used for about 500 miles
  • TW-301 80/100 21″ front tire used for about 500 miles
  • Twinmax electronic carburetor balancer
  • Acerbis handguards blue
  • complete KLR 650 engine
  • KLR 650 engine bottom end
  • Suzuki DRZ 400 engine bottom end
  • DRZ 400 “E” model cams
  • KLR 650 engine cases
  • misc KLR 650 fenders
  • XL riding jacket
  • DRZ 400 shock
  • Husky TE 610 Renazco Seat
  • KLR650 gas tank (’99)
  • KLR650 stock seat – pre 2007
  • KLR650 stock seat – 2008 +
  • Tall windshield KLR650
  • Stock skid plate
  • pro taper bars
  • misc cables/parts
  • Teiz Ventura Armored Jacket in Hi-Viz Yellow (XL)
  • Scorpion EXO-1000 Helmet in Silver (XL)
  • Complete XR650L engine
  • MSR goretex enduro jacket XL
  • Duratrak insulated dual sport jacket XL
  • Klim Dakar gloves XL
  • AFX FX37 white helmet size XXL
  • Oneal pro 2 motocross pants Red
  • Gold Belt kidney belt
  • Mossi Extreme Rain suit size XL
  • more to come…