California bans motorcycle phone GPS maps

Do you use a dedicated GPS unit on your bike or a Smart Phone?  If you live in California you no longer have a choice.  A judge has ruled that operating a phone based GPS on your motorcycle is too dangerous.  Well thank you Mr. Nanny State!  Now this is all based on California’s existing law banning the operation of a cell phone while driving.  So I am assuming that operating a standalone GPS is still ok.  Which of course makes no sense at all.
I am all for safe motorcycling and understand that anytime you take your hands off the bars you are increasing risk, but this is just another example of America’s legal system lacking common sense.  I love my “Dual Sport Maps” app on my Android and I also know many you love “Motion X” on their iPhone.  Will this sort of ruling ban the use of these apps here in Minnesota sometime?

Only time will tell. End of rant.

2 Responses to California bans motorcycle phone GPS maps

  1. John Forde says:

    Mostly agree. But a helmet law is a nanny state. A GPS law may protect kids in a crosswalk.

  2. Daniel Betlock says:

    I love my Droid for all it’s GPS functions, from destination directions, to route tracking to gas station location and surely for weather avoidance (long live Raindar!). I do have it linked to my Sena for turn by turn more safely. That said the thing right there on my handlebars doing all the other things a phone does can be distracting (Facebook, text, email etc). And then that said I would much prefer all those potential distractions versus someone trying to follow a map on a tank bag (nearly impossible in my experience and the only time I nearly left the road was when I was trying to do that)

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