New MinneADV site to organize rides and meet fellow Minnesota ADV’ers

Today we launched a new website:

The purpose of this site is to give the riding community a place to:

  • Post and Organize Group Rides (no more emailing me, whoopee!  Post it yourself)
  • Meet fellow riders
  • Post photos
  • Create Discussions

The website uses the engine to run things.  So hop on over to the new site, sign up, and RSVP for an event, or create your own.  I will no longer be maintaining an event lists here on this blog, but instead will link to  Feel free to send in feedback on how you like the site.

One tip for everyone; The site sets your email preferences to be very invasive.  You will probably want to setup your profile to remove some of the spam emails from

Thanks, and don’t let the snowstorm this week depress you.

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