New “LeSuer Loop” gps file added

May 27, 2011

It is a goal to add some fun “loop” trails off from the TMAT in various places.  Several folks have sent some in.  I finally posted one of them. Find the “LeSuer Loop” on the Trails page.  Thank you ADVronksi on for submitting this!  Hopefully, this is the start of many more.

New Minnesota Adventure Rider Membership and Forum!

May 27, 2011

One of the decisions out of last night’s club meeting was to start allowing “Membership” in the Minnesota Adventure Riders and to use a registration process on this website to do that.  Membership is FREE.  But you do have to be an AMA member in good standing to be approved.

The first benefit of membership is that you will have access to our new online Forum. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Ugh!  Another motorcycle forum?”.  I was of the same opinion until recently.  The forum gives us a better idea of how many riders are out there, how many are serious about this club, and of course gives riders a place to connect with each other.  I think places like have just gotten too big as well and it would be nice to have a local site to find local info.

Other benefits will follow. The club is still working that out.

So with that, click on Contact Us in the site menu to register, then once approved click on the Forums link above to go to the discussion area.

Reminder: Meeting tonight and # has changed

May 27, 2011

Phone number is now  1-605-475-6333

Passcode:  2102337

Thanks all!

Monthly Meeting Agenda update…

May 25, 2011

Last minute addition to the agenda…
A MN DNR representative will be talking about some of their initiatives around trails and scenic byways to increase tourism in the state.

Hope everyone can make it.  Should be very informative.


MARs meeting this Thursday night

May 25, 2011

Every 4th Thursday of each month at 9 PM CST there is a virtual meeting via a teleconference for any interested in discussing events, rides, and more. This gives riders all across the state a chance to get together to discsuss topics important to them without having to travel great distances.
Phone: 1-218-936-4141
access code: 2102337

This month the agenda will be:
1. Current events
2. Discuss District 23 membership
3. Discuss Forum on website
4. Review Trip Report form on website (check it out now under the “Feedback” link)
5. Discuss adding more trail “loops”

Is Dual Sport really a sport?

May 18, 2011

Tough Question of the day:  Is Dual Sport Riding or Adventure Riding really a sport?

I hear it referred to in that way.  But I wonder if it is really accurate.  There are no points, no teams, no regulations, and no cheerleaders. So is it really just a recreational activity?

What about the Baja or Dakar races?  Aren’t those sports?  They have points, and trophies, etc.
Yes, but those are off-road only races (for the most part) and are not what most guys do on the weekend with their BMWs and Suzukis.  So I don’t think it really counts.

What about Harescrambles and Enduros?
Yes, but those are really for off-road bikes.  So it is more related to motocross then dual sport.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was truly an organized Adventure Riding series of races?
 Well, there is, but they aren’t races.  They are rides.  The AMA has set this up.

What about EnduroCross?  Isn’t this close?
Close, but no cigar.  Arenas don’t equal roads and trails.  It is a cool sport though.  I hear that ESPN is allowing it into the Summer X-games this year.

In the end, Dual Sport is just a lot of fun no matter what category you place it in.   I don’t think it needs to be called a sport.  Its a recreation, a hobby, a passion, and those are enough.  Sound off in the comments with your own opinion.

TMAT Split

May 17, 2011

The TMAT GPX file has been split into two pieces, East (the original) and Central (new proposed routes).  See the Trails page for more info.  This should  help folks who have limited memory on their GPS devices and only want to download one part of the Trail.