Minnesota Adventure Riders FAQ

March 28, 2012

I get emailed a lot of different questions from riders who stumble across this site so I thought it might be a good idea to create a post that answers a couple of them!

1.  Where are the trails?  Where is the TMAT trail?  Do you have other trails or maps?

From the main page on http://www.MinneADV.info click on Trails>TMAT from the main menu.  That will take you to a page with a link to the Central route and the Eastern Route.  Follow those links and you will be directed to a website (dualsportmaps.com) that hosts the map.  You can zoom in and out and scroll all around to see the route.  If you want to download a .GPX file of the route for your GPS you can do that by creating an account on that site (Free!) and clicking the download button.

You can also click on the Trails>Other Trails link to find a list of other designated dual sport trails.

We do not have a printed map at this time, but that has been asked for and is in the works.

2.  Do you organize rides?  How do I meet other riders?

Riders from all over Minnesota organize group rides and “Meet and Greets” all the time.  This website attempts to organize them in a way that is easy to find.  Click on the Events link from the Main Menu to see a calendar of all the events.  For example there is a “Tech Day” in April that guys from the tcdualsport mailing list do every year, and some folks from the advrider.com discussion board have a ride scheduled in May near Akeley. They are both on the Calendar.

You can also become a member of “MARs” (Minnesota Adventure Riders) by filling out this form.  You will then have access to our forum where you can interact with other riders.  Membership is currently free!  You just need an active AMA membership number.



Huntersville State OHM Trail update

March 14, 2012

Many of you know the Huntersville state forest trail as a place the Twin City Trail Riders hold a once a year event.  Thanks to some very hard work by riders and the DNR this trail is now a permanent OHM trail.  You can download the latest info and map at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/trail_detail.html?id=51

Watch that web page for information.  The trail is currently closed due to soil conditions but I imagine with the weather we have been having it will open soon.

I will be working to include this trail in the Foothills Loop that branches off the TMAT.  I will also try to use the DNR map as an overlay on dualsportmaps.com website soon.  Stay tuned!

Hell’s Gate Enduro Race

March 5, 2012

FYI…the 2012 running of the Hell’s Gate race is completed last month and Wired Magazine has some beautiful shots and video of it.  The photos in the article are clickable so check them out in high resolution.  Very well done.  The video is also viewable in full screen.  Nice to see some coverage of this event outside of normal dirtbike magazines.