Huntersville State OHM Trail update

Many of you know the Huntersville state forest trail as a place the Twin City Trail Riders hold a once a year event.  Thanks to some very hard work by riders and the DNR this trail is now a permanent OHM trail.  You can download the latest info and map at

Watch that web page for information.  The trail is currently closed due to soil conditions but I imagine with the weather we have been having it will open soon.

I will be working to include this trail in the Foothills Loop that branches off the TMAT.  I will also try to use the DNR map as an overlay on website soon.  Stay tuned!

6 Responses to Huntersville State OHM Trail update

  1. Todd says:

    This is really great news. There is so much opportunity now in this area of Minnesota for trail riding, I’m surprised it seems to be such a secret. A word of caution though, Huntersville is not the place for a BMW (type) adventure bike. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    FYI, a couple who live near Akeley are having a get together in May for Adventure riders who may be interested.

  2. John Forde says:

    Thinking of coming. I’ve been riding Paul Bunyan SF since 1973. We have a cabin on the Northeast corner, and I’d like to meet other riders in this group.

  3. Norske says:

    Post in the Forums and organize a ride. It would be great to have your experience with that area.

  4. John Forde says:

    “Norske sent me” ?

    • Norske says:

      Our Forum is for Members only. To become a Member, go to the “Join Us!” link from this page. Supply your name , email, and AMA membership number (Yes we required an active AMA number to join). Submit the request and you’ll get an invitation code.


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