WARNING! The maps and instructions on this page should be used with caution.  Roads and trails change or close at a moments notice.  There is no guarantee that the maps are accurate, correct, safe, or at all helpful. You are completely responsible for your own safety while riding.  You are on your own! Obey all signs and markers!  The Minnesota Adventure Riders do not own or recommend these roads, trails, or maps, but simply provide links to them for convenience.

Helpful maps of trails in Minnesota and surrounding areas: Logo is a great site to share and find GPS tracks for local riding.  Think there is no where close to ride?  Think again!  They also have a GREAT mobile app for Android phones to use as a GPS to guide you along the TMAT or any other trail on their site.

How to use the maps above:
Clicking the link above will bring you to  You can view the map overlaid on Google Maps.  If you want to download the .GPX file to your GPS create a free account on that site and select the map.  The downloaded files also provide a .kml file for use in Google Earth.

State Trail Maps

These are maps provided by the State of Minnesota:

Minnesota DNR Off-Highway Vehicle Site – THE source for maps and info on state funded trails.

Minnesota’s Book Store – Government site selling state publications and printed maps. Retail Store in Saint Paul also.

Minnesota DOT maps – Great county maps for finding gravel roads. Also available printed from the bookstore link above.

Minnesota DOT map of Cass-Hubbard-Wadena counties – Thank you “danomsp” from TC Dual Sport for combining the PDFs from the DOT into one map of this popular riding area.

DNR Central Office store – 500 Lafayette Rd N, Saint Paul MN 55155. Located in Saint Paul, this store has many free and paid resources. You can pick up a large color spiral bound book of all ATV and OHM maps for free here or call (651) 296-6157 to have them mailed to you. Limited availability!


 National / Federal Trail Maps

These are maps provided by Uncle Sam:

Superior National Forest ATV maps – Most are open to motorcycles also. You can also Email the local Ranger and ask them to send you their ATV/OHV maps. They are free!

Chippewa National Forest ATV maps – Most are open to motorcycles also.You can also Email the local Ranger and ask them to send you their ATV/OHV maps. They are free!

Maps  Other Helpful Maps

Maps you can buy at local retailers or online from Commercial sources:

Sportsmans Connection All Outdoors Atlas & Field Guides – A bit outdated, but still handy. (Support a Minnesota business!)

Minnesota Scenic Byways – Paved, but purrrrteeee!

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