Indian Motorcycles now a Minnesota brand

April 28, 2011

Not really “adventure” related, but definitely Minnesota-moto related;  The Indian Motorcycle company was purchased by Medina based Polaris last week.  Indian had been struggling and it will be interesting to see what Polaris does with them.  Sounds like manufacturing will move to Iowa though, not Minnesota.  Full Press release here.

Minnesota Adventure Riders group meeting this Thursday Night

April 25, 2011

This Thursday at 9Pm is our monthly “virtual meeting”.  Everyone is encouraged to call in and catch up on the latest news and events. See the Events page for Phone # to call.  Agenda will include: Upcoming events, Trail updates, Update on work with the DNR, discussion on membership with District 23 ARMCA, and more.

MMM rides the TAT

April 20, 2011

Some guys from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly rode the Trans-American Trail and did a nice write-up in the April issue. I encourage you to pick up the latest copy of MMM as always. Its a great way to stay up on moto-related events in the state.  And if you see any of the MMM guys out riding tell them to do a story on the TMAT next!

Proposed TMAT route updated

April 19, 2011

Route C proposed to go from Rice to Brainerd has been updated. I was hoping the bridge over the Nokasippi River had been fixed. But a inspection on Friday showed that it had not. This would make a very dangerous water crossing so the route has changed to jot back over to Hwy 371 for a couple miles to use that bridge instead. This is really too bad as that is a fun section of dual track. See for the updated GPX.

6 Days of Michigan Dual Sport Ride

April 15, 2011

 The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan is running their 27th Annual Michael R. Burlingham Memorial Six Days of
Michigan.  Click the pick to link to their website.  Quite a large Dual Sport event if you can road trip to Michigan.

Outdoor Adventure Expo this weekend in Minneapolis

April 13, 2011

Midwest Mountaineering has its annual Outdoor Adventure this weekend at the their store and nearby at the U of M campus. This is a great opportunity to learn new camping skills and see the latest gear. See for more info, directions, and schedule.

Brainerd to International Falls Ride this Weekend

April 12, 2011

I am planning to ride the “proposed” Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail (TMAT)routes  this weekend in the area north of Brainerd and Southwest of International Falls.  I am trailering to just south of Brainerd Friday Night, camping there, then riding all day Saturday, camping again (somewhere) on Saturday night and then loading back up Sunday morning.  If anyone wants to join the exploration of the new routes for the TMAT feel free to post in the comments.  Otherwise, enjoy the warm weather….finally!

UPDATE! = With the new forecast showing a low of 26 degrees and a 50-70% chance of snow Saturday I think old man winter had not left the northwoods yet. Ride is cancelled!

Electric Motorcycles gain more backing

April 12, 2011

Last month Zero Motorcycles annouced they had received $17 million in financial backing to expand operations. I am not sure how I feel overall about electric bikes but I do like seeing ANY U.S. manufacturing expand these days. Clean and quiet bikes may help promote our cause with those that complain about the pollution or noise factors of motorcycling. There is also some incredible technology in these bikes that should help the sport overall advance (when is the last time you road a belt-drive dual sport for example?). Check out their website for more info.

Small TMAT Update

April 12, 2011

A recommendation from riders on was to add a small detour off Hwy 169 to take in short segment of scenic road and county park. The trail has been updated to included that. If you’re not in the mood for a scenic detour while on the trail, just stay on 169 and you will meet up with the trail again in a couple miles. No worries.

Warn’s new Moto Winch

April 8, 2011

Anyone seen one of these in action?  I am not sure I could ever justify the extra weight and space packing one of this on a trip unless I knew for sure there was going to be gully’s or a mud hole that I could not ride out of. I also wonder what kind of Amps the things draw and how fast it will drain the battery. That said, Its supposed to be available in May from Warn.

Rumored Specs:
Model: RT15 or XT17
Weight: 12.25 lbs / 9.25 lbs (or an even lighter version at 8.5 lbs may be available too with handlebar mounted controls)
Power: 1500 lbs / 1700 lbs
Pull Length: 25 feet / 40 feet
Price: $479-$549