Warn’s new Moto Winch

Anyone seen one of these in action?  I am not sure I could ever justify the extra weight and space packing one of this on a trip unless I knew for sure there was going to be gully’s or a mud hole that I could not ride out of. I also wonder what kind of Amps the things draw and how fast it will drain the battery. That said, Its supposed to be available in May from Warn.

Rumored Specs:
Model: RT15 or XT17
Weight: 12.25 lbs / 9.25 lbs (or an even lighter version at 8.5 lbs may be available too with handlebar mounted controls)
Power: 1500 lbs / 1700 lbs
Pull Length: 25 feet / 40 feet
Price: $479-$549


One Response to Warn’s new Moto Winch

  1. Chris says:

    looks like it was used when the bike was on, so battery drain probably not an issue.

    A regular winch or a come-along would be cheaper. 🙂 I’ve been thinking of putting one on the Ural for a while, but very lazy. 🙂

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