New MN Legislation Regarding Offroad Motorcycles proprosed

Bill HF1283 was read in the State Legislature on 3/23/2011.  Some of you out there may be interested in this modifcation to state law.  Representative Tom Hackbarth is proposing it.  Looks positive to me overall but if anyone has any more in depth info on where the motivation for this bill is coming from please sound off in the comments.

 Subd. 12. Dual registration. (a) An off-highway motorcycle registered under
2.2this section may also be registered as a motorcycle under chapter 168 for use on public
2.3roads and highways.
2.4(b) If the off-highway motorcycle was not originally constructed primarily for use
2.5on public roads and highways, the off-highway motorcycle must be equipped with mirrors
2.6and a headlight, taillight, and horn and be otherwise modified as necessary to meet the
2.7requirements of chapter 169 for motorcycles regarding safety and acceptability to operate
2.8on public roads and highways.
2.9(c) An applicant for registration under chapter 168 must submit an inspection form,
2.10prescribed by the commissioner of public safety. The inspection form must be completed
2.11by a police officer, as defined under section 169.011, and certify that the off-highway
2.12motorcycle meets the requirements of chapter 169 for motorcycles regarding safety and
2.13acceptability to operate on public roads and highways.
2.14(d) Chapter 168A does not apply to an off-highway motorcycle modified to meet the
2.15requirements of chapter 169 according to this subdivision.

Thanks Joe and Kevin from the TC Dualsport group for passing this info on.

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