March 2011 Meeting Minutes

Just wanted to thank everyone who joined the meeting last night (Chris from, Zrxmoto, RallyHound, and MrFixit 54016).  We had some great discussion.  For those of you who couldn’t make it here are some notes:

  • Discussed current events in the area (see )
    – Chris brought up the Skunk Side Car rally, the Road America Superbike races, and the BMW Riders Association Rally in Chippewa falls.
    – Norske will get them added to the website
    – Chris also brought up idea of bringing maps to Tech-day and getting riders to submit their ideas for proposed routes.  This was a good idea.
  • Discussed idea from one rider to add a “Bikes” page to the website so riders can post pics of their bikes.  Idea was nixed. is already doing this.
  • Discussed idea of having webform on website where riders can submit a “Ride Report”.  Results would be shared with DNR and other riders.  Purpose would be to identify hazards, trail conditions, and also to see how many people are out there riding.  Not sure how many people would take the time to submit a report, but it might be worth setting up and seeing who uses it.
  • Brought up fact that we need riders this year to ride the new “proposed” portions of the TMAT and provide feedback.
  • Lots of discussion over how to best communicate and inform the DNR about what “adventure riding” is, and why they should allow us access to some of the ATV and/or snowmobile trails.  In the end, we agreed that we need to get an audience with the DNR to explain our position.  Norske will keep in contact with them to try to arrange a meeting.
  • Meeting ended with general discussion about group rides being planned.

Definitely a worthwhile hour of the week.  I will schedule another for the 4th Thursday of next month.

Thanks all!

3 Responses to March 2011 Meeting Minutes

  1. Chris says:

    SKUNK Sidecar Rally 🙂 not stunt. lol

  2. Norske says:

    Ha! Oops. All fixed now.

  3. Larry says:

    Hey Norske, we should connect, send me note I have some interest in working with you and the group and the DNR on trail issues.

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