Harley Sportster Dual Sport – SC3 Adventure

June 28, 2013

Are you a Harley Davidson fan that has been waiting for them to break into the dual-sport / ADV market?  Well, wait no longer.  Jim Carducci from Carducci Dual Sport has taken a Sportster engine and frame and performed a wild transformation.  The SC3 Adventure has impressive specs (see them below) while also appearing very minimalistic in design.  No price or availability date given yet.

Has HD waited too long to enter this market and now custom builders have to fill the need?

Is there really any market for an DS bike with a HD powerplant?

Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think.

SC3 Adventure Basic Specifications
Motor & Frame ’93-’03 Sportster® motor and frame (w/ minor modifications to frame)
Wheelbase 63.5 inch
Steering Rake / Trail 30 degress / 5.6 inch
Triple Clamp Offset 0.71 inch (18mm)
Suspension Travel +8 inch Rear, +10 inch Front
Seat Height 35.5 inch (neutral), ~33 inch (with rider on bike)
Weight 475 lbs (without gasoline)


Features of the SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle
V-Twin Motor The Sportster® motor is proven reliable, air cooled, narrow and loaded with torque
Frame Stock Sportster® frame with minor modifications
Suspension Front: Ohlins 48mm USD forks mounted in strong triple clamps. Integrated Scotts steering damper
Rear: Ohlins twin shocks on extended billet aluminum swingarm
Wheels 140/80-18 rear, 90/90-21 front. A good combination for off-road handling
Lighting Front headlight is a 55 watt halogen beam (an LED version is also available from Trail Tech®), and LED brake light and blinkers made to handle the vibrations of off-road riding
Fly Screen The fly screen frame is made of structurally strong sheet aluminum and supports a tinted polycarbonate wind deflector that reduces wind on the body
Controls Stock Sportster® throttle, speedometer, tachometer, brake, clutch, and wire harness
Rear Rack & Fender Structurally strong for strapping down a tool kit, 2x 1/2 gal fluid cannisters on the sides, and more
Skid Plate Protects the leading edge and underside of the motor from flying debris and from rolling over large objects like rocks, stumps, et cetera
Crash Bar Steel welded construction crash bar mounts to the frame and protects the leading edge of the gas tank
Kick Stand Strong Chromemoly steel tubing with a large foot area for soft off-road surfaces. Adapts to the stock H-D kickstand mount
Stability Long wheelbase and generous rake and trail make the SC3 Adventure stable at speed and it does well in loose sandy conditions
Riding Position Foot controls and handlebars are positioned for comfortable dual sport off-road riding standing position. Seat is narrow in the front, wide in the back. Good for standing and longer distance seated riding
Range Hand formed aluminum 6.3 gallon gas tank provides 200+ miles range before hitting reserve. Option for smaller 2.75 gallon aluminum gas


Product Review: Goal Zero – Goal 10 Portable Solar Panel

June 18, 2013


What?  A solar panel review on a motorcycle blog?  Yes, you have read correctly.  Whether you realize it or not, your bike runs on fuel, air, and spark.  Take one away and your fun is over.  So electricity is pretty important to having two-wheeled adventure.  So what will you do one day 100 miles from town when your battery goes kaput?  Most modern touring bikes do not have kick starters anymore, so good luck making that electric start turn that crank over.  You are either going to need a jump ( you did ride with a buddy and you did bring jumper cables right?) or you are going to have to find an alternate power source.   That is where portable solar power comes in. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian attempts cross country trip on KLR in winter (Part 2)

June 7, 2013

I friendly blog reader recently emailed me saying I never posted a link to part two of that Canadian who made the epic journey across Canada on his KLR650 in the winter.  Thanks Dale for the reminder.  This two part series has become my favorite moto-travel video on the internet today bar none.  I think this is especially appropriate to post this week as we have had one of the coldest rainiest Springs ever here in Minnesota and many riders are complaining.  Maybe it can serve as a reminder that it could be worse….much worse.  Enjoy.

Pure craziness: Ride a Honda 90 through the Arctic Circle

June 3, 2013

A while back I posted a video of a Canadian who rode his KLR650 through the winter.  Now it is time to get a little crazier.  The video below is of a gentleman who has decided to ride around the arctic circle on a Honda 90.  This is really very incredible.  Crank up the sound and prepare to be inspired.