Welcome to a “Minne” Adventure!

April 30, 2012

TMATThis site is dedicated to promoting Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycle riding in Minnesota. We are blessed with an abundance and diversity of natural resources that make Minnesota a prime location for long distance on and off-road touring. Here you will find information on the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail (TMAT) as news and articles.  The TMAT is over 1200 miles long and stretches across Minnesota.   Subscribe to the blog to keep up on trail updates and other Minnesota riding events. You can also become a member of our MEETUP group to get info on rides and events in Minnesota.

AdventureFest in the U.P. this Fall

July 3, 2019

In case you want to travel outside Minnesota for an adventure this Fall, you may want to consider the AdventureFest put on by Big Snow resort. Its only a short ride away! More info here.


Garmin Overlander

May 30, 2019

Finally! Start saving your pennies for the $800 price tag.

Introducing the Moto-Snuggie

April 12, 2018

Tired of the extra long winter in the Midwest this year?  Wish you could go riding and not freeze your little buns off?  China has a solution! I have dubbed it the Moto-Snuggie 😉



Polaris kills Victory

January 11, 2017

Not directly related to adventure riding per se, but important to motorcycling in Minnesota.


Moto events happening this week

May 18, 2016

Know of other ADV events happening?  Click the “Contact Us” link and let us know.

Swap Meet Cancelled!

April 11, 2016

With much regret I must announce the cancellation of the Swap Meet scheduled for this coming Saturday. Over on our discussion board we have only had one seller commit to showing. I have tried to find more sellers, but it just hasn’t materialized.

Well, there is always next year! 🙂 Get out and ride on Saturday instead. The weather looks like it will be great!

4th Annual Minnesota Adventure Riders Swap Meet AND Ride-in

March 25, 2016



The 4th Annual Minnesota Adventure Riders swap meet will be held on Saturday April 16th.  We are again encouraging this as a “Ride-in” to kick off the riding season. So get the bike polished (or just leave it covered in mud) and ride it in. The location is back to Crosby Farm Park.   We had our largest turnout ever last year, so hopefully we can keep the momentum going!

2595 Crosby Farm Rd.
Saint Paul, MN 55116

Google Map

When: April 16th, 9AM – Noon. Sellers are encourage to arrive at 8:30 to setup. 

Bad Weather Policy: In case of bad weather announcements will be made on MinneADV.info.  Subscribe for updates!

Fees: There are none. No charge to browse or sell. This is a grass roots, community organized event. Coffee and Pastries will be available to purchase to help offset costs of running the website.

Sellers:  About 6  picnic tables are available, but prepare to bring your own table, boxes, etc. to display your merchandise. No cruiser or sport bike stuff, let’s keep this focused on Adventure, Touring, and Dual Sport bikes. Bring one item to sell or a bring a truck full, it doesn’t matter. A shelter is available to put your tables under, but space is limited.


  • No flammable or hazardous material.
  • No household goods
  • No tents/shelters may be setup (park rule)
  • Limit your stuff to what will fit on one or two a 3X6 picnic or fold-up tables.

Typical stuff to find here:

  • parts
  • riding clothing & gear
  • whole bikes
  • shop manuals & periodicals
  • camping gear
  • farkles

Need more info? Join our Google Group to discuss the swap and more!

Pre-Sale List of items available for swap so far… (NO sales until 9AM Saturday!):

  •  Joe Rocket mesh jacket (XL)
  • mini camp espresso maker
  • mini ISO butane lantern
  • portable mp3 speaker
  • helmet ear speakers
  • gloves
  • riding jersey
  • Welcome table
  • Name tags
  • Coffee and pastries

more to come…

Planning to sell and want your items listed here? Send them to us. It will tempt more riders to come!