2016 Minneapolis International Motorcycle Show

The last day of the 2016 Minneapolis International Motorcycle show is today.  In case you couldn’t attend here are some highlights…

In my opinion Honda dominated the show floor.  Their footprint was huge, they had tons of staff, a giant banner and a LCD screen up top.  Add to the booth the only real “new” ADV bike at the show, the 1000cc Africa Twin priced at just $13K USD, and Honda had a lot of traffic walking across it’s red carpets.
Glenn Heggstad gave a presentation on the main stage that was packed.  It was good to see an ADV around the word rider getting some focus this year.  His presentation was filled with one of a kind photos and stories.
Also, a big shout out to KTM who made a showing this year in Minenapolis.  Not a large booth, but it was good to see them for once.

See the photos below for more of what was new and cool.


Honda’s huge booth


New Honda Africa Twin in red


Africa Twin in grey


KLR in new digital camo


Yamaha Tenere in throwback yellow graphics


KTM Adventure wins the award for widest ADV bike on display


Glen Heggstad gave a riveting presentation on his around the world trip


Ducati had its “Enduro” on display. Very pricey and you couldn’t touch it.


One Response to 2016 Minneapolis International Motorcycle Show

  1. jakhack says:

    I was wondering if anyone was talking about the 250cc adventure bike – the RX3- from CSC? I’ve read a few things about it and would like to hear more about it if any of our Minnesota riders ever gets one. Or gets a chance to ride one.

    *Dennis O. Johnson* 218 828-4664 Home and Office 218 330-1030 Mobile

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