Minnesota Polaris buys local mapping software maker Primordial

November 7, 2013

Link to article in Twin Cities Business Journal


Local moto vendor news.  Polaris industries has purchased a Saint Paul based map software maker.  Primordial makes some extremely interesting off-road mapping and map crowd sourcing products. Polaris says it is to help bolster their mobile apps made for snowmobile riders. However, with Polaris selling a lot of ATV’s and now owning Klim as well, wouldn’t it make sense for them to take this technology and sell it into the Adventure Motorcycling market?  Could we see a Klim Adventure Moto Maps mobile app sometime?  I can only hope so.  Take a minute and post on their Facebook page letting them know you’d like to see their Primordial software available for motorcycle riders. Let’s influence a little!

Superior National Forest Overlay added

February 1, 2012

Last week I posted about the availability of “map overlays” on dualsportmaps.com.  With a lot of help from the site owner I was able to get an overlay of pretty much the entire Superior National Forest uploaded.  That is a HUGE area.  This map is from the National Forest website and includes color coding of all the forest roads (minimum maintenance, atv’s only, etc.).  So jump over to dualsportmaps.com and zoom in on the Superior National Forest.  You should see an option to show map overlays in the upper right hand corner.  The slider will control the transparency of the overlay.

Neat stuff.  Very helpful in revealing some hidden trails in the Federal lands. Have fun planning your trip.


TMAT Gunflint Loop map updated

January 25, 2012

Quick update.  The extension off from the TMAT East that I have been calling the “Gunflint Loop” has been updated.  I have been meaning to add a return trail that encourages riders to not follow HWy 61 back to Duluth.  It is now posted.  Keep in mind that this trail addition is still considered “proposed” because I haven’t gotten enough feedback from riders and haven’t ridden it myself.  Check dualsportmaps.com for the updated GPS tracks. Comments, as always, are welcome.

State OHV Maps now available on Android Phones

January 20, 2012

As you may know the website DualSportMaps.com holds all the GPS data for the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail.  It is a great site and also has a Android app that goes with it that allows you to use your Android phone as a GPS.  I mount my phone to my handlebars and it works wonderfully!  No need to spend $500 on the latest Garmin!

Well, today it gets even better.  DualSportMaps.com has a new feature that allows you to take a existing paper or electronic map and load it into their website so that it can be overlayed onto their map data.  Sound confusing?  All you need to know is that now you can access Minnesota DNR OHV maps in two new ways:

1. By going to dualsportmaps.com, creating an account, and then clicking on the Map Overlays link.  You will see 2 overlays in Minnesota.  Click on them and they will show Nemadji and Chengwatana MN DNR maps inserted into the site.

2. You can also view the MN DNR OHV maps usign the DualSportMaps Android application.

Why is this great?  There is now no need to have a printed MN DNR map in one hand and your gps in another while navigating down the trail.  Now both can be displayed at the same time on your Android Phone (I still recommend carrying paper maps as a backup in case your phone/gps fails).  Also, when planning a trip there is no need to have one web browser open to the DNR website and another window open to the DualSportMaps.com website.    This is just one more way technology is making this sport much more interesting.

I have uploaded the Chengwatana and Nemadji state maps to the site.  I hope to upload the rest of the state OHV maps soon.

Ride safe!


Ride Reports & new Foothills Loop

June 13, 2011

A couple of ride reports have been posted in the forum.  Jump on over and check them out.

One of the reports was from myself from a ride this weekend on the new Foothills Loop and TMAT-B and TMAT-C routes.  It was a great trip so check out the story and photos.

Camping in Paul Bunyan State Forest

Camping in Paul Bunyan State Forest

The Foothills Loop itself was generated from the other rider report from Papamoto.


The .gpx files for TMAT-B and TMAT-C have been updated slightly due to this ride, just an FYI.

New “LeSuer Loop” gps file added

May 27, 2011

It is a goal to add some fun “loop” trails off from the TMAT in various places.  Several folks have sent some in.  I finally posted one of them. Find the “LeSuer Loop” on the Trails page.  Thank you ADVronksi on advrider.com for submitting this!  Hopefully, this is the start of many more.

TMAT Split

May 17, 2011

The TMAT GPX file has been split into two pieces, East (the original) and Central (new proposed routes).  See the Trails page for more info.  This should  help folks who have limited memory on their GPS devices and only want to download one part of the Trail.

Ham Radio and Minnesota trail riding

May 16, 2011

I have never liked the idea of getting stuck somewhere out in the middle of nowhere without cell phone coverage on my bike.  So the idea of using a small handheld Ham radio to reach out to get some help has always been appealing to me. I am pretty new to Ham Radio (received my license last year) but have found the extensive repeater network (if you are not a Ham, then think cell towers for portable radios) in Minnesota impressive.  I uploaded a GPS map of every repeater in Minnesota here.  I think it would be very handy to have along with to see what frequencies would be available in the area you are in.  If there are other Hams out there reading this blog please sound off in the comments about your success (or lack there of) using Ham radio while on the trail.

Proposed TMAT route updated

April 19, 2011

Route C proposed to go from Rice to Brainerd has been updated. I was hoping the bridge over the Nokasippi River had been fixed. But a inspection on Friday showed that it had not. This would make a very dangerous water crossing so the route has changed to jot back over to Hwy 371 for a couple miles to use that bridge instead. This is really too bad as that is a fun section of dual track. See dualsportmaps.com for the updated GPX.

Small TMAT Update

April 12, 2011

A recommendation from riders on advrider.com was to add a small detour off Hwy 169 to take in short segment of scenic road and county park. The trail has been updated to included that. If you’re not in the mood for a scenic detour while on the trail, just stay on 169 and you will meet up with the trail again in a couple miles. No worries.