Ride Reports & new Foothills Loop

A couple of ride reports have been posted in the forum.  Jump on over and check them out.

One of the reports was from myself from a ride this weekend on the new Foothills Loop and TMAT-B and TMAT-C routes.  It was a great trip so check out the story and photos.

Camping in Paul Bunyan State Forest

Camping in Paul Bunyan State Forest

The Foothills Loop itself was generated from the other rider report from Papamoto.


The .gpx files for TMAT-B and TMAT-C have been updated slightly due to this ride, just an FYI.

2 Responses to Ride Reports & new Foothills Loop

  1. Todd Lofstrom says:

    I saw your invite and did not respond. Lazy, afraid, too busy, I don’t know. Wish I did now though. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Todd Lofstrom says:

    I read your report again and followed it on a map. The Foothills State Forest is by far the best riding that I’ve encoutered in the state.
    From Outing, MN to Brainerd there are so many streams and Lakes that cut you off and everything is so built up. The best option in my opinion is to go back through Paul Bunyan and Foothills and see it from the opposite directions, besides there are so many side routes.
    20 years ago the Paul Bunyan trail was gravel and a great way back to Brainerd. Oh well, Progress.

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