Map hosting location changed

All maps have now moved to be hosted at  Links are still on the Maps page.  This is an awesome site to use when planning your next adventure in Minnesota or anywhere else.  The new location allows a greater level of detail to be described compared to Google Maps alone, or in plain GPX files.  Create an account on the site to download the GPX files.

Stay warm this week!

6 Responses to Map hosting location changed

  1. Robert Hammerlund says:

    Question: Approximately how long is this trail?

    • Norske says:

      It depends on if you follow the trail exactly, or take shortcuts, but end to end you could rack up over 700 miles.

      • Robert Hammerlund says:

        Thanks. Just trying to get an idea of how many days it would be. Already looking forward to riding season.

      • Norske says:

        Totally depends on your riding skills, how many stops you take, etc. Iowa to somewhere between Stillwater and St. Croix State forest is a day, then another day to get somewhere around Ely, then a 1/2 day to the border. But that is with no sight seeing stops, no breakdowns, waking up early, and no waiting for other riders. Plan for 3 days and you’ll have plenty of time, but try to do it in 2 and it would not be enjoyable. Of course you need to plan time to get back home too!

    • Robert Hammerlund says:

      Yeah, that’s the real kicker. I live on the route, but need to get to the start and then back home from the finish. All of a sudden the 700 miles becomes ~1400ish and the 3 days becomes 5. Thanks for the input.

  2. Norske says:

    If you have just a weekend I highly recommend trailering to and camping at Jay Cooke State Park and heading north on the trail Saturday morning. Camp in the Superior National Forest or hotel in Ely. Continue to the Border on Sunday, then do the return trip via Highway Sunday afternoon to Jay Cooke. Jay Cooke will let you leave a truck and trailer in the main lot if you let the park rangers know.

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