Is Dual Sport really a sport?

Tough Question of the day:  Is Dual Sport Riding or Adventure Riding really a sport?

I hear it referred to in that way.  But I wonder if it is really accurate.  There are no points, no teams, no regulations, and no cheerleaders. So is it really just a recreational activity?

What about the Baja or Dakar races?  Aren’t those sports?  They have points, and trophies, etc.
Yes, but those are off-road only races (for the most part) and are not what most guys do on the weekend with their BMWs and Suzukis.  So I don’t think it really counts.

What about Harescrambles and Enduros?
Yes, but those are really for off-road bikes.  So it is more related to motocross then dual sport.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was truly an organized Adventure Riding series of races?
 Well, there is, but they aren’t races.  They are rides.  The AMA has set this up.

What about EnduroCross?  Isn’t this close?
Close, but no cigar.  Arenas don’t equal roads and trails.  It is a cool sport though.  I hear that ESPN is allowing it into the Summer X-games this year.

In the end, Dual Sport is just a lot of fun no matter what category you place it in.   I don’t think it needs to be called a sport.  Its a recreation, a hobby, a passion, and those are enough.  Sound off in the comments with your own opinion.

One Response to Is Dual Sport really a sport?

  1. Chris says:

    Easy if you look in the dictionary. 🙂

    By the pure definition of sport as a noun:

    a : a source of diversion : recreation
    c (1) : physical activity engaged in for pleasure

    I think it classifies as a sport based on the above.

    The MSF also uses the term “dual purpose” instead of “dual sport” to imply the use of both on-road and off-road. Either term works for me.

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