Product Review: Zenni Optical Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses/Goggles

For those of us who have less than perfect vision and also ride, we face some interesting obstacles.  Glasses often don’t often do a good job of protecting your eyes from the sun, wind, or dirt.  Contacts often don’t fair any better, and can often be worse in the dirt.  Face shields keep out the wind and dirt but are often too hot in the summer.  There are manufacturers like Oakley that make OTG (over the glasses) goggles but not all helmets are compatible with them and they can limit peripheral vision.  So what is a visually impaired moto-enthusiast to do?
You may want to check out the option of prescription wind glasses.  These glasses look like normal sunglasses but have three differences; they have a foam or rubber surround that keep the wind out of your eyes, they have tinted UV protective lenses (optional), and have a second set of lenses behind the first matched to your prescription.  There are many styles available and generally have thick strong frames that hold up to the abuse of bugs, dirt, and repetitively pulling and pushing them in and out of your helmet.

You can often find these at boutique optical stores, however I being a penny pincher never found some in my price range locally.  Instead I found them online at Zenni Optical for under $30 (see style 701521 for the ones I use).  Great deal! You simple type in your prescription and add the glasses to your cart.  In a week or two the glasses will arrive.


I have been using mine for over two years without an issue and highly recommend them.  Hope this fits the niche for other riders looking for a glasses-goggle combination that won’t break the bank.


One Response to Product Review: Zenni Optical Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses/Goggles

  1. Dave Adkins says:

    These are very cool, I usully wear glasses or sunglasses with a shield – these look like they will work great with my moto helmet.

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