Successful Swap!

Thanks to all who attended the inaugural MinneADV swap meet today.  The weather was a bit disheartening this morning, but that didn’t stop a very good crowd from turning out.  See photos below. In fact, by 9AM the rain and wind died down right on cue.  It was great weather!

We had a good balance of buyers and sellers. We also had a good mix of different parts and gear.  I would say at the busiest hour (between 9-10AM) there were probably 50 people.  We ran out of space in the pavilion and a few people just backed their vehicles up to the side walk and sold from there.  There were a lot of new riders that I hadn’t met before and new stories to share. I think I talked with just about every seller and they were all glad they came.  Most were just happy to clean out their garages and see their stuff go to a good home.

Some suggested we do this again in the Fall.  I’ll have to think about that.  But we will definitely do it again next Spring!

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8 Responses to Successful Swap!

  1. Joe Van Orsdol says:

    Sorry I could not make it. I have a Safari tank for the DR, and a Velocity Gear Juggernaut impact vest to get rid of.

    Joe Van Orsdol

  2. Surf-or-Ski says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!! Met some great people and great to see the ones I have met before. Even found a few goodies!

  3. jakhack says:

    Sorry, I also could not make it. I was going to ride down and can tolerate cold, but not snowy-icy-raining cold like it was here in Brainerd. Maybe next time. I do have some KLR items and other general purpose or surplus stuff to put out, so I hope you do it again.


  4. Todd says:

    Thanks everyone for the Good Deals!!!
    Jakhack I hope you don’t mind me sharing your trailer crashing story.

  5. Curt Henry says:

    For those who organized the Swap Meet thank you, and for those that carted off some of junk that use to clutter my garage and shed also thank you.


  6. Thanks for organizing!

  7. Paul Streeter says:

    Thanks for setting this up, at least I sold more than I bought!


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