Where do you want to ride?

The DNR is looking for your input. If you attended the motorcycle show this last weekend you may have noticed that the DNR was asking people to draw on a map where they wanted to ride.  Well, I have scanned that map and put it online below. The map shows the state of MN and the current scenic byway roads.  You can print the map, draw your routes, and mail it to the DNR.  If you don’t know what to ask for, I would encourage you to ask for OHM access to the the following areas:

Soo Line Trail North and South
Blue Ox Trail
Lake County ATV Trail
A new OHM Trail between Chengwatana and St Croix State Forests

Click here for DNR Map

Mail it to this address:

Mary Straka
Off-Highway Vehicle Program
MN DNR Parks and Trails
1601 Minnesota Drive
Brainerd, MN

Or if it is easier to just describe your route in an email you can send it to the DNR here.  We are lucky to have a state government organization that solicits our feedback.  Please take advantage of this!

One Response to Where do you want to ride?

  1. larry killien says:

    Norske. Thanks for getting this information out. Cuda

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