Reminder! BMW Owners National Rally this week!

Just a reminder to our readers that the national rally for BMW Owners is scheduled for this weekend at the state fair grounds.  Learn more at the BMWMOA website.  You can also let other Minnesota riders know you are going on our “Meetup” page.  There is a FANTASTIC line up of vendors and seminars so go check it out!  It promises to be one of the largest moto events Minnesota has seen in a long time.



One Response to Reminder! BMW Owners National Rally this week!

  1. Kevin Kocur says:

    Hey, gang. I set my tent up yesterday and I’m close to the GS Giants and the BMW Performance Center. Man, those guys have some serious skills. They will be fun to watch. I have a name badge and a yellow committee chair shirt. If you see me, flag me down and say Hi.

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