Photo Montage of Recent Trip on the TMAT

Jim Klas recently posted this collection of photos to our Facebook page after a trip along the TMAT this fall.

“Late August 2013 trip, starting at Duluth Minnesota traveling north to Ely, then north on the Echo trail to Internal Fall and Voyager National Park. Leaving the Canadian border traveled south to Iowa, traveling on dirt with pavement connectors. Great solo motorcycle ride.” -Jim Klas

I must say, this set very much captures what the Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail is all about. From the deep woods in the north, to the bogs along the Gandy Dancer, to the bluffs in the south, it’s all there.  Very well done. Take a few minutes to click through and enjoy.  Thanks for posting Jim!


One Response to Photo Montage of Recent Trip on the TMAT

  1. Jim ransom says:

    Thank you Jim, your trip and your photography are very
    Enjoyable and encouraging. How lucky we are to have this
    Close to us. Jim ransom

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