ADV / DS Swap Meet Anyone? Take the Survey!


Some of us on the MinneADV eMail list have been discussing the idea of a Swap Meet this spring.  It seems like there is decent interest and sounds like a good excuse to get together.  It has been recommended to have it before the riding season really takes off.  So what do you say?  Are you interested in such an event?  Would you have stuff to sell?  Just fill out the poll below and tell us what you think.  That will help us gauge interest to see if it is worth the effort to put together.

Assumptions:  Date is April 6th, Saturday morning.  No charge to browse or sell.  Bring your own table, boxes, etc. to display your merchandise.  No cruiser or sport bike stuff, let’s keep this focused on Adventure and Dual Sport parts, gear, whole bikes, etc.  Space to setup your stuff and some coffee/donuts will be provided.

Fill out the poll below:

3 Responses to ADV / DS Swap Meet Anyone? Take the Survey!

  1. brit says:

    As a new vstrom rider and adv enthusiast, I would love to gather, check out gear, get ideas and maybe pick up some things.

  2. Hoff says:

    I voted that I would be there and sell an item or two. Although I’m about an hour drive away, so plans could change due to distance. If it were on the northern side of the cities that would be great!

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