2013 Dakar Ends

The 2013 Dakar is all wrapped up.  The event was more exciting than ever, and the footage and photos coming back were amazing.  Cyril Depres sealed his fifth Dakar title, but American racers held their own too.

Johnny Campbell placed 40th:

Kurt Caselli picked up a win on the 11th stage proving this US rider really could be a contender in future events.  He placed 31st overall.

Final results Dakar 2013 after 14 stages
1. Despres, 43:24:22 hours (15 min penalty for changing his engine) – wins fifth Dakar title; twelfth consecutive title for KTM
2. Faria, +10:43 min
3. Lopez, +18:48 (15 min penalty)
4. Jakes, +23:54
5. Pedrero, +55:29 (15 min penalty)
6. Pain, +1:06:30 h
7. Rodrigues, +1:11:22 (15 min penalty)
8. Javier Pizzolito (RA), Honda, +1:26:07
9. Verhoeven, +1:26:35
10. Goncalves, +1:28:20 (15 min penalty)

Dakar Bike video summary:

Also some CNN Photos.  Very well done.


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