Christini Updates its AWD Line for 2013

Last week CHRISTINI AWD has announced the 2013 line of All Wheel Drive motorcycles and the design updates they will feature. The lineup includes the 450 Dual Sport and Millitary Edition (my favorite for its originality). New to the line up is an Enduro model. From the press release “Christini engineers and techs are constantly reevaluating designs and processes to ensure that the CHRISTINI AWD line of production motorcycles stays competitive, refined and performing at their best, with as little maintenance and repair as possible.”
More details after the break…

2013 Model Design Updates

  • Marzocchi 48mm sealed cartridge forks 
Marzocchi 48mm shiver forks are valved and sprung with the AWD rider in mind. The featured Progressive Floating Piston (PFP) System allows riders to adjust spring preload/sag, high/low speed compression, as well as rebound based on conditions and style of riding. Flange M8x25 used in front fork assembly.
  • Redesigned top and bottom triple clamps
The top and bottom triple clamps have been recontoured to remove any excess material, making the end product lighter and sleeker, knocking off 220 grams.
  • Redesigned Dropout Gearboxes 
The dropout gearboxes have been redesigned with an additional inner bearing for increased side load capacity and to promote better cooling for the brake system. The gearboxes have also been recontoured to remove excess material, resulting in a lighter, sleeker design.

  • Redesigned Rear Sprocket
The new sprocket is a red anodized aluminum sprocket with an outer ring of steel teeth.  This design lasts longer than an aluminum sprocket, and is lighter than a steel sprocket.
  • Front Hub Redesign
The proprietary front AWD hub that houses the front driving mechanism has been redesigned to take out almost 140 grams of weight, while adding an improved internal bearing for support.
  • Front and Rear Wave Brake Rotors
Wave brake rotors are known to improve brake-lever feel. They are made from high-carbon 420 laser-cut stainless steel.
  • Billet Aluminum Gas Cap
A custom designed, aluminum CNC machined gas cap gives added strength and style. The cap features a laser etched CHRISTINI AWD spiral logo with a red anodize finish, and includes a one-way vent line allowing the tank to breathe while preventing fuel from splashing.
  • Fox Podium RC2 Shock on the AWD 250 and AWD 300 2-stroke models
The Fox Podium RC2 Shock is custom designed for the 2013 CHRISTINI AWD 250 and 300 models.  It comes with an improved Dual Speed Compression (DSC), improved spring preload adjuster, externally adjustable rebound, and a piggyback aluminum reservoir. The RC2 provides perfect course set-up every time.
  • Aluminum Exhaust with carbon fiber heat shield
The aluminum exhaust with a carbon fiber heat shield offers weight savings and added protection.
  • Custom Designed Radiators and Hoses 

The Christini AWD custom radiators and hoses offer a better cooling flow and the ability to upgrade to an aftermarket fan that will keep your 2-stroke machine climbing impossible hills.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated.

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