Theilman Ride Report

Last weekend was the Fall Theilman trailride put on by the Golden Eagles club.  Here is a ride report, video, and photos sent in by Eric K.:

The Thielman Trail Ride is a very well organized event. This was my first time attending, and I could not have been more pleased with the day. The sound check and registration went quickly and smoothly. There was plenty of parking for everyone, and many people were camping there for the weekend. Families were seen throughout the grounds with some choosing to bring bikes for everyone, and others were divided up with half the family riding, and the other half just enjoying the beautiful day and the camping. I had a chance to meet a number of people during the day on Saturday, and was always greeted with a friendly smile, an honest handshake, and many good stories.

The trails were well marked, and trail attendants and maps were found at each main intersection if you needed directions or had questions. The more remote intersections had trail markers with notations on them to let you know the difficulty of some of the more technical routes, or to watch out for two-way traffic a few of the trails. Even with the hundreds of riders seen in the main grounds, the trail riding never seemed crowded or dangerous. We had a 12 year old rider with us in the afternoon, and we had to pull to the side of the trail to let faster riders pass us a few times, but everyone said thank you and gave a friendly wave as they motored past us. There were many smaller youth bikes on the trails, each with a grin as wide as the helmet.

The trails were in prime shape and allowed you to sit down and ride rather easy scenic routes to some absolutely beautiful overlooks on top of the bluffs, or you could choose any number of side trails along the ridge or the river bottoms to hone-in your single track skills. Are the long, rocky, gnarly, root-infested hill climbs your thing? Don’t worry, they have those too.

 Make it a point to ride the spring or fall event in 2013. You will be glad you did it.

One Response to Theilman Ride Report

  1. Dave Matthys says:

    Thanks for posting the pics and video. It’s been a number of years since I rode this trail ride. It brought a lot of fond memories.

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