Part of Soo Line trail opens to OHMs

Good news! The Aitkin County board passed a new ordinance today allowing OHMs on the Soo Line North and Soo Line South trails.  Not familiar with the Soo Line Trail system?  It is a “rail to trail” system in northern Minnesota that flows east to west across the state.  A have created a GPS map of the Aitkin County portion on here:

This portion of the trail opening up in Aitkin county is important because it is the first step in getting ALL of the Soo Line opened to OHMs.  Now some of you may ask why you would want a boring old railway bed as a dual sport trail, but realize that these trails provide important cross country travel for OHMs so that you do not have to get on an even MORE boring state or county highway to get to where you want to go.

A big shout out to the Minnesota DNR for working with local authorities to get this access for us.  They will be updating their maps on their website soon.  Let’s hope other counties see the benefit in opening up more trails to OHMs!

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