Great group rides coming up!

Lots of great group rides coming up in the next few weeks.  I was planning to ride in the Iron Range this weekend, but my riding partner backed out and the BWCA fire has also put a damper on that plan.  Instead I am riding the southern loop of the TMAT tomorrow.  Whatever it takes get out and enjoy this great weather for riding!

Brainer Lakes Dual Sport Ride (THIS WEEKEND!)

Big Woods 200 in Wabeno WI

NorthwoodsSTOC 10/8

Park Rapids DS 10/1  : Look up Danomsp in the TC Dual Sport yahoo group ( A link anyone??)




One Response to Great group rides coming up!

  1. Kevin says:

    Lots to do this weekend! A few of us are running a combination of the TMAT and TWT. Should be fun.

    FYI, Twin Cities Dualsport:

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