Trip reports of Northeastern rides this month

A couple of groups of MN riders were up north this month riding and posted their trip reports on ADVrider:

The photos look great.  I would love to add on a northeastern loop to the TMAT to hit some of those trails and maybe even loop through Canada.  Feedback from anyone out there on trails to include would be great!

One Response to Trip reports of Northeastern rides this month

  1. Todd Lofstrom says:

    The pictures really don’t do the trip justice. We were mostly riding, not posing for pictures. It was a great ride with beautiful scenery, mostly in Superior National Forest. Jwalter’s land over looks Lake Superior. It was cool weather with a little rain, but not enough to dampen are spirits. I recommend subscribing to the thread so you will know if another trip is planned.
    I rode up through Wisconsin and the Gandy Dancer Trail with MnRider2. I saw three bears at three different times, how often does that happen.

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