Go for a ride this weekend!

Lots of rides happening this weekend so you have no excuse to stay inside. Streeter is leading a group down to Welsh from Hastings, Paul from the TC Dual Sport group is heading to Nemadji, and I am going from Brainerd up the TMAT Central to connect with new loop that I am mapping out near Bemidji.  I am alone so far, so comment on this post if you want to come along.

Get out an enjoy the cold front that is coming before the heat and mugginess of El Nina sets in!

4 Responses to Go for a ride this weekend!

  1. John Forde says:


    Call me

    John Forde 651-387-3333

  2. Chris says:

    I’d love to go, but am teaching a BRC in the morning. next time. Take lots of pics!

    PS: I think it’s La Nina or El Nino 🙂

  3. Norske says:

    Ha! I should have paid more attention in high school Spanish.

  4. HSL says:

    I’m interested in your trip north. Sent a PM on advrider.

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