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Minnesota Adventure Riders are a community of motorcycle riders in and around the great state of Minnesota that combine on and off road riding with camping, touring, and other outdoor activities.  This style of riding is sometimes called Dual Sport, Overlanding, or Adventure Riding depending on who you talk to and what your objectives are.

Minnesota Adventure Riders is a community, or maybe even a cooperative, of riders that band together for different reasons. Some  gather for group rides, others to work with the DNR to help with trails, and still others just to learn skills from fellow riders or socialize.

Because of this we are a “virtual” group that communicate and socialize as much on internet message boards and email as we do in person.  Each rider acts autonomously and independently.  This website is the only formal organization of information.  It is an attempt to help riders organize and act together even though we are spread out all over the state.

So how do I join?
You participate.  That’s it. That’s all.  No dues, no meetings.  You can join our Google Group to get more info on rides and events.  You can also get out and ride, or organize a group ride , join our Facebook Page, and send us your photos, videos, and stories.  We may even send you a cool reflective TMAT sticker for your trouble.  We would rather promote riding  and hanging out with other riders rather than attending meetings.

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