New AWD Dual Sport from Christini

If you are familiar with Christini you know they have been making aftermarket conversion kits for dirt bikes that enable limited slip drive of the front wheel.  Pretty cool products and well loved by those who want somewhat of an exotic conversion to get them over steep hills, rocks, etc.  However, I just heard that they will be producing a complete DS bike this year.  Rumor also has it that it is based on a CRF450 engine.  So this could be a very sweet DS setup for some folks.  Not sure what local shops might carry it.  Sound off in the comments if you know of any Minnesota Christini distributors. (

2 Responses to New AWD Dual Sport from Christini

  1. Paul Streeter says:

    I understand that the engine, maybe the whole bike is made in China.

    • Ash DAntonio says:

      The Christini AWD 450 DS is assembled in the United States (Philadelphia) using components sourced from all over the world. Yes, some components are made in China but the forks are Italian, the tanks are made in the US, the bearings are Japanese, much of the drive system is made in the US. The bikes are stamped with an American VIN designation and Christini is one of only a few American off-road Motorcycle manufacturers

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