Triumph Explorer

Was the 800cc Tiger not enough for you?

New larger Triumph adventure bike preview from the folks over at Ultimate Motorcycling.

2 Responses to Triumph Explorer

  1. Todd says:

    Is this really an adventure bike. I’d like to give it the kickdown test (kick it over and see if the owner cries). I’d be catious taking it on gravel. This bike will cost close to 20 grand. Okay, now that the Harley fad is getting old, people want to pose that they are adventurous

  2. Norske says:

    I agree. But the most of the manufacturers out there don’t seem interested in durability, lightweight, and simplicity in design. The seem bent on replicating the 1200GS or 800GS. Would they make more profit if they just came out with an adventure oriented Suzuki DR, Honda XR, or Husqvarna TE? My instinct says yes, but their marketing department says no.

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