AMA Club

Minnesota Adventure Riders has now been chartered by the AMA. This is the beginning of better promotion of actvities, greater validity, and better organization. Stay tuned for more info, events, etc.

PS…How great is it to see that snow melting so fast outside? Now we just need a hard rain to get rid of that sand on the streets! I hear that is coming soon too.

2 Responses to AMA Club

  1. Larry says:

    I guess it’s ok thought I was planning on a couple more sled rides but they are probably not happening again. The trails are still rideable in the NE at least for a fe more days.

    • Norske says:

      Ha! Haven’t you had a long enough season for your sled? It was a pretty epic winter in most places. I hope the long snow cover helped some MN businesses that depend on tourism get back in the black.

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