Changing things up a bit…

As of today this website is changing its name from “Trans-Minnesota Adventure Trail” to “Minnesota Adventure Riders”.  The URL stays the same (http//, the blog stays the same, and the hosting of information about the TMAT stays the same.

What changes is that the site will begin to bring you more information about meeting other riders, organizing trail rides, and in general building a better community in Minnesota for Adventure/Dual Sport riding.  So stay tuned for some more changes.

Sound good?  Sound off in the comments.  Your feedback is important!

2 Responses to Changing things up a bit…

  1. jakhack says:

    Sounds like a change that reflects the actual content of the site. I enjoy reading this and look forward to the updates. I hope that this will continue to become a statewide resource, since I know several riders who watch what’s going on, but are not involved in any way.

    I believe there is an untapped potential for dual sport riding, especially as gas gets more expensive, adventure riding our local roads and trails becomes more appealing and economical. And it is a form of riding where the small bike or older vintage enduro machine can provide as much fun as the bigger, heavier and more expensive bikes that are used for serious long distance riding. I have both, but think I will be riding the smaller bikes a lot more in the future and spending a lot more time on gravel. Good luck with the change.

  2. zrxmoto says:

    Good job on the site. I like the direction you’re taking this. This will become a great resource.

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