Google and GPS maps updated again!

After 4 people road the northern sections this last weekend (1 of them being me), I have some new feedback and have altered those sections slightly.

1.  The Duluth section (Track 7) was altered to include Hawk Ridge and Seven Bridges Road.  Hawk Ridge offers beautiful views and also an opportunity to watch Eagles and Hawks migrate in the fall (there is a festival there next weekend BTW).  Seven Bridges road is under construction but offers a unique ride across 7 stone bridges that is very scenic.

2. Thanks to “Get_Bent” on for the feedback that Witt Road in St. Croix State Forest (Track 5) is not actually a road! (even though most maps say it is)  The land owner has asked that we stay off from it.  So I have reverted back to the original path which takes you on an ATV trail across a bridge and onto Saint Croix Forest Road north to Markville.

3.  I added Vermillion Falls as a Waypoint just north of Echo Lake (Track 8).  This is an incredibly beautiful spot to snap some photos and stay a while.

Except for an obscene amount of road construction in Duluth, the trail was incredible this weekend.  I hope everyone can get out and enjoy it before it gets too cold. Camping Saturday night was already a bit nippy!

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